All services listed below are available on the following aircraft:

AERO L-29 Delfin, L-39 Albatross
MIG MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29
YAK Yak-12, Yak-18, Yak-50, Yak-52, Yak-55, CJ-6
SUKHOI Su-26, Su-29, Su-31
PZL Pzl-101, Pzl-104, Pzl-108
ZLIN Z-526, Z-142, Z-242, Z-50
MIL MI-1, MI-2, MI-8, MI-24



What makes EBAS the MOST qualified all-around maintenance service in the US for Eastern Bloc Aircraft?
  • Steve Kalmar is the ONLY single individual in the US who has the combined talent of being licensed to FLY most Eastern Block aircraft AND maintain, repair, rebuild and license these unique aircraft from tip to tail.
  • He was trained as a Fighter Pilot AND Test Pilot under the renowned Russian Instructor Alexander Garnaev.
  • He is a licensed A & P and Aeronautical Engineer with 25 years of experience working exclusively with Eastern Block aircraft.
  • Trained at the Hungarian Airforce Academy, he acquired thousands of hours working on actual flying military aircraft which were based on the field.

Unlike a non-flying mechanic, Steve's combined experience of flying and mechanical skills give him the distinct advantage of being able to troubleshoot an aircraft from EVERY imaginable aspect. After a test flight, Steve does not need to explain or interpret the sounds or feel of the aircraft to someone who cannot comprehend the full picture. THAT translates into increased safety and economy for YOU!
With a large inventory of specialized tools used ONLY on Russian engines and airframes, EBAS can perform a number of repairs and modifications unavailable elsewhere in the US.


Annual – Timely and economical annuals are our specialty.
Safety – No one knows the importance of safety better than a test pilot.
Pre-Purchase Ground Technical Inspection


Travel expenses plus $600 per working day
Travel Day $250 per day

If you are considering purchasing an Eastern Block aircraft, hire an expert to inspect the aircraft from tip to tail. EBAS uses a pre-flight checklist which is custom designed for each specific model.


As a licensed and experienced TEST pilot, Steve Kalmar is highly qualified to put your aircraft through the rounds and provide evaluation report of the aircraft (format based on an Air Force Test Program)

Test and Evaluation Flights are necessary and highly recommended after:
  • Aircraft assembly
  • Engine change or fuel control adjustment
  • Major structural repair
  • Before Purchasing an aircraft


Flight Test (approx 2 hours) $1,500.
Travel expenses plus $250 per travel day
Experienced and type rated to test the following aircraft:

ZLIN, YAK, CJ, SU, PZL, AN-2, L-29, L-39, MIG-15, MIG-17, MIG-21, MIG-29
Test Flight aircraft require a current Parachute and Insurance on aircraft.



Having trained on the military bases that supply today’s EB Warbird market, Steve Kalmar has long-term alliances with eastern block compatriots which enable him to find the most pristine aircraft at the best prices available.

As a primary importer, EBAS has performed many restorations of Eastern European Warbirds from the ground up including engine and airframe assembly on both Jet and Piston aircraft.

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Post Assembly licensing with FAA
  • Engine Conversion – Feel the need for MORE SPEED? See conversions below.
      Airshow Quality Paint
      Complete Restoration


In 1994 EBAS and McCluskey Ltd jointly started a research and development program to create the L-29 SM SUPER DELFIN. After overcoming many engineering challenges, our first L-29 SM flew on November 22, 1997. Currently we have four converted aircraft with the P & W JT-12 / J60 engine which have flown over a thousand trouble free hours. This engine installation is professionally engineered and built, state-of-the-art, and most importantly a reliable safe conversion. Steve and Mike have developed all the components and installation procedures required to fit your L-29 with a light-weight high performance engine.

Lockheed engineers, who have worked on projects including the SR-71 and other hi-tech US military fighters, provided our airframe structural stress analysis and designed the necessary modifications to motor mount, hydraulics, air intake, and fuel system. The Pratt & Whitney J60 / JT12-6 has 3,000 pounds static thrust, a 1,500 hour hot section inspection and recommended 3,000 hours TBO. Engines are run and evaluated on the test stand prior to installation. All accessory components are reconditioned as per factory manuals and any requiring overhaul are sent to approved facilities for certified work and tests. The completed L-29 SM is then test flown by the EBAS test pilot. Aircraft with Super Delfin Conversion packages have been approved by the FAA.

More THRILL at half the costs! Compare the numbers below:

L-39 Stock Specs   Converted L-29
Average Cost: $300,000   Average Cost:  $150,000 incl engine & conversion
Climb Rate: 2500 FPM   Climb Rate: 7000+ FPM
Cruise:  290 True @ 160 GPH   Cruise:  290 True @ 127 GPH
(Max Sea level speed: @ 107% M= 0.53 TAS/IAS= 350 kts)   (Max Sea level speed: @ 103.8% M= 0.72 TAS/IAS=417 kts)
TBO: 750 – 1000 hours   TBO: 3000 hours
Take-off Roll: 3000 minimum   Take-off Roll: 800 Feet
Landing Distance: 2500 feet normal breaking   Landing Distance: approx 1,200 ft. normal breaking
Range: @ 17,500 ft. with 30 min. reserve (300 Kg)   Range: @ 17,500 ft. with 30 min. reserve (300 Kg)
-with wing tip tanks, approx 480 n.m.   -with wing tanks, approx 540 n.m.

The Advantages are Obvious
  • Climb 3 times faster than the L-39 (Brake release to 18.000 ft is 2 minutes 40 seconds!)
  • Same Cruise with less fuel burn
  • Increased Aerobatic Capability (Enter your loop at cruise speed!)
  • Increased Engine Reliability with triple the TBO
  • Take-off roll: approx. 800 ft.
  • Parts are readily availability at lower prices
  •  Service Options are increased

After flying the Super Delfin, you’ll never want to fly the stock model again!

L-39 OWNERS: A revolutionary new engine conversion can radically improve your aircraft’s performance! See projected increases as shown below:

Increase all of the following:

Climb Rate:
Internal Fuel Capacity:

  From the standard 2500 to 16,000 FPM
From the standard of 260 to 360 indicated
from 500 – 700 (C model) or 800 to 1000 (Z model)
From 750 or 1000 up to 5000 hours
by 100 gallons

Call for info and quote.

Example of several models of airplanes receiving performance related modifications:

M-14P, ZLIN Motorlet M-137, M-337 engines. R & D program for the TS-11 Iskra under development.



Relocations, Deliveries, and To-or-From Servicing: Steve is experienced at ferrying aircraft from Canada to the Mexican border and from Russia to the West Coast.


  • Travel expenses plus $250 per travel day
  • Less than 1500 NM –$600 per day
  • Greater than 1500 NM –$800 per day


EBAS pilot and plane available for Movie, TV, and Advertising projects.

Use visually spectacular foreign jets for

  • Ground-to-air, Pilots POV, and Air-to-air flying footage
  • Ground based jets as scenic props at desired 'jet legal' airports
  • Currently the L-29 SM Super Delfin, L-39 Albatross, MiG-15, MiG-17 and MiG 21 are available.


The L-29 is a basic tandem seat configuration Fighter Trainer/ Light Attack aircraft mostly used by Russian Air Force between 1960 and 1992. The L-29 SM, a Super Modified plane with an American P&W engine installed, has improved performance to beat any other sub-sonic trainer.

7,000 fpm climb rate, 400 kts plus, M 0.72 level speed, sustains over 6 'G's.

Aerovodochody's L-39 Albatross, a newer version of the L-29, is their next generation advanced Fighter Trainer / Light Attack aircraft and is currently in service for Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle Eastern Countries.

PRICE: Call for quote.


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